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IRI National "Hanmadang "Team departs to South Korea

Tehran July 2018—to participate in 2018 world Hanmadang Team in Jeju, IRI National Team departs to South Korea.

  09:35   7/18/2018


Alizadeh – The IRI Flag Bearer in Asian Games 2018

Tehran July 2018—Kimia Alizadeh- the Olympic Bronze Medalist was selected as the IRI flag bearer...
14:15   7/7/2018

Olympic Kyorugi July 2018 Rankings

June 2018—WT announced the Olympic Kyorugi July 2018 Rankings. ...
15:04   7/4/2018


Appointment of "Hosseinali Nazari" as the new Chairman of IRI TKD Coaches' Committee

Tehran July 2018-- "Hosseinali Nazari" was appointed as the new Chairman of IRI TKD Coaches' Commi...
10:03   7/4/2018

Presence of 2 Iranian Referees in Jeju Open 2018

Tehran June 2018-- 2 Iranian Referees will judge in international Taekwondo Championships (Jeju op...
11:04   6/27/2018


Presence of IRI Junior Team in a Multilateral Training Camp

Tehran June 2018— Russia invited IRI Junior Team to participate in a multilateral training camp....
10:58   6/26/2018

World Para Kyorugi June 2018 Rankings

June 2018—WT announced the World Para Kyorugi June 2018 Rankings....
12:35   6/25/2018


Loud shouts and the kicks couldn't stop British girl to get the world Champion

July 2018—according to WT official website, Junior World Champion Jordyn Smith maintains balance on and off the mat....
10:13   7/17/2018


Olympic dream caused a great transition

July 2018-- a great transition from Kick boxing to Taekwondo happened to British athlete....
11:35   7/16/2018


Mexico – the Champion of Pan American 2018

July 2018— The Pan-American Championships took place on July 11th -13th 2018 at the Spoken Convention Center , in Washington....
09:49   7/14/2018


World Taekwondo fulfills General Structural changes

July 2018-- World Taekwondo (WT) announced a major structural change and personnel reshuffle, designed to further strengthen the efficiencies within the Federation....
11:15   7/10/2018


Spanish Taekwondo squad- the Champion of Mediterranean Games

July 2018—according to WTE & Mastkd websites A sum of 116 taekwondo athletes participated, with 72 of them from the 19 European countries that represented the sport....
11:45   7/2/2018


24th World Military Taekwondo Championship

Tehran July 2018-- Brazil will be the host of 24th World Military Taekwondo Championship. ...
10:01   7/1/2018


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