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WT & ATU Presidents' Sympathy Messages to IRI TKD President& Iranian People

Tehran Nov 2017-- WT & ATU Presidents in two separate letters of condolence sent their own sympathy messages to IRI TKD President and Iranian People about huge earthquake in west of Iran.

  07:58   11/21/2017


Azad University- the Champion of the 1st edition of National Clubs League, under the World Team Championships rules

Tehran Nov 2017—at the end of the 1st edition of National Clubs League that was held on the basis ...
10:35   11/7/2017

IRI Men's & Women's National Teams Composition was unveiled for Grand Slam Qualification Tournament

Tehran Nov 2017— to participate in WT G-1 Open Qualification Tournament, IRI Men's & Women's Natio...
10:21   11/7/2017


Anti-Doping Education course was held in IRI TKD Federation

Tehran Nov 2017-- Anti-Doping Education course with the presence of IRI NADO committee chairwoman wa...
07:48   11/7/2017

Invited Teams to World Taekwondo Team Championships 2017

Tehran Nov 2017— the list of invited teams to participate in World Taekwondo Team Championships 20...
11:07   11/6/2017


World Taekwondo Ranking- Nov 2017

Tehran Nov 2017-- 6 IRI Taekwondo Athletes are among world 10 top ...
10:56   11/5/2017

The 13th edition of IRI Women's National Premier League ( Kosar Cup)

Tehran Nov 2017-- The 13th edition of IRI Women's National Premier League (Kosar Cup) was launched o...
11:05   11/1/2017


Jade Jones' coach resigns from GB Taekwondo

Taekwondo coach Paul Green, who helped Jade Jones to two Olympic titles, has resigned from GB Taekwondo....
09:18   11/20/2017


Daedo signs important agreement with Disney

Daedo has been working with Disney and has finally obtained the license to integrate the designs and concepts of the Marvel superheroes into their products....
13:37   11/12/2017


Presence of more than 800 Taekwondo Athletes in Ukraine Autumn Championships

Tehran Nov 2017-- Ukraine Autumn Championships is being held in Kharkiv....
14:41   11/11/2017


World Taekwondo reinforces commitment to developing youth taekwondo through MoU with ISF

November 8, 2017 – World Taekwondo today signed a MoU with the International School Sport Federation (ISF) in order to increase collaboration between the two organizations and ensure the continued growth of youth taekwondo around the world....
11:18   11/11/2017


British provide seminar in the United States

Coaches of the British team along with the current star of world Taekwondo, Jade Jones, gathered more than 150 athletes and coaches in Texas....
10:18   11/7/2017


WTE European Junior Championships Larnaka 2017

The 21st version of the WTE European Junior Championships was successfully completed on Nov 2nd -5th 2017 in "Larnaka, Cyprus....
11:05   11/6/2017


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The Closing Ceremony of the male cadet league /2

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