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   سه شنبه 5 ارديبهشت 1396



About World Taekwondo Center

Training Center Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran's World Taekwondo Center was established in may 2010 under the supervision of the world Taekwondo Federation, WTF ,with the presence of Dr. Chou, the WTF president .

Built on a 724-square-meter area and constructed in 4 floors with an overall 2896 square meters of area, the center is equipped with a restaurant, hotel, gym, training room, massage room, and a medical clinic, and enjoys being located in one of the most beautiful areas of Tehran.

Date:08:17   1/1/2013



Photo Report

IRI Cadet Championships(1)

IRI National Junior Team returned home(2)

IRI National Junior Team returned home(1)

IRI Cadet Championships(3)

IRI Cadet Championships(2)

IRI Cadet Poomsae Championships

IRI Cadet Championships(1)

28th Fajr Cup(15)

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