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Taekwondo and Its History

Taekwondo is a sport martial art that instructs trainees and interested people from physical point of view in the use of most effective and the best self-defense methods by the means of hand and legs without using any weapons, also teaches them the essence of respect, discipline, patience and increasing the feeling of logical resistance against life disasters that it will result in accurate and correct choice of life policy alongside self-confidence.

Taekwondo is consist of three words; Tae" i.e. jumping and kicking, Kwon" i.e. defending and smashing with fist, Do" i.e. way & discipline.

Available historical inscriptions & antiquities indicate that Taekwondo appearance period referred to ancient age and south east of Korean peninsula.

The Statues of two monks that show the performance "Kum Kang Maki" technique in the "Seokguram" temple located in Gyeongju, South Korea is an valid evidence of martial arts presence in that time.

In fact, Taekwondo is the Korean people's martial art that with unique attempt and planning has been developed so fast all over the world and after World Taekwondo Federation (WT) establishment in 1973, 209 countries from 5 continents have been joint it until now.

Taekwondo participated in the 24th Olympic Games at "Changchung" Gymnasium in Seoul, Korea 1988 as well as the 25th Olympic Games at the "Palau Blaugrana" in Barcelona, Spain 1994 as a demonstration sport and then became an official medal event at the 2000 games in Sydney.

World Taekwondo Federation History
World Taekwondo was established in 1973 at its inaugural meeting held at the "Kukkiwon" in Seoul Korea with participation of 35 representatives from around the world.

WT has 5 continental unions are called; Asian Taekwondo Union (ATU), World Taekwondo Europe (WTE), African Taekwondo Union (AFTU), Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU),The Oceana Taekwondo Union (OTU).

"Un Yong Kim" from Korea was elected as the first President of World Taekwondo Federation.
In 1980 the International Olympic Committee recognized World Taekwondo at its 83rd Session in Moscow, Soviet Union. First, Taekwondo was adopted as a demonstration sport of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul- South Korea as well as the 25th Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain 1994; later, on September 4, 1994 Taekwondo was adopted as an official Sport of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games at the 103rd IOC Session in Paris, France.
Half a year later, on February 15, 1995 World Taekwondo was affiliated to the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) as a provisional member.
Taekwondo was in Olympic Games in Athena 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio 2016 and will attend in Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024.

On February 15, 2004 the WTF Vice President "Sun Jae Park" was elected as Acting President of World Taekwondo due to the resignation of the founding President "Un Yong Kim" from the presidency of World Taekwondo. Four month later "Chung Won Choue" was elected as new President of World Taekwondo at the extraordinary General Assembly on June 11, 2004. He has been the president of WT since 2004 and was re-elected in 2017.

Taekwondo history in Iran

Teaching Taekwondo in Iran began in 1970 by Korean military advisors and by the means of coaches' attempt as well as Taekwondo veterans it was developed.
The first official organization of Taekwondo named armed forces Taekwondo Association started its own activity in 1976.

Some of Activities of armed forces Taekwondo Association before Islamic Republic Revelation were as follow:

Participation of Special Taekwondo Team (Parachutists) in the 2nd World Taekwondo Championships in 1975 and achievement of the first World bronze medal by "Hossein Rabizadeh" in presence of "Special Taekwondo Team" in Melbourne – Australia 1975.
Presence of Iranian Taekwondo Team in the third Asian Championships and achievement of the third place.

In fact, quantitative and qualitative growth & development of Taekwondo in Iran happened after Islamic republic revelation. From 1979 to 1985 Taekwondo did its activity in frame of one of 3 affiliated associations of martial arts federation under the leadership of "Mohammad Mehr Ayin" and in 1985 it was independent federation under the leadership of "Seyed Mostafa Safaviand" after completion of organizational and office chart, invited one of the Korean Taekwondo Master named Shin Chul Kang in order to make an integrated education and also hold coaches education courses for domestic coaches that was the source of changes of Taekwondo in Iran.

Grand Master "Kang" during 30 years cooperation with Iran Federation participated in many championships as the head coach of Iran National Team such as World Championships, Asian Championships, and Asian Games. Nowadays he is the honorary Chairman of Technical Committee.

In formation period of Iran Taekwondo and its various committees with the attempt of officials, it made many achievements and turned in to one of the sports obtains medals for country.

Taekwondo Federation Presidents during more than 3 decades activities:

Seyyed mostafa Safavi (1984-1990) Mohammad Qomi(1990-1994), Seyyed Mostafa Safavi (1994-1996), Mokhtar Kalantari(1996-2000).
Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar : Current President since 2000
Occupational background in sport field of Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar : Member of WTF Legislation Council: 1997-1999 Member of Martial Arts Modulation Council: since 1998 President of I.R. Iran Taekwondo Federation: since 2000 President of West Asian Union: since 2007 Member of ATU Executive Board: 1996-2008 Member of Executive Committee of I.R. Iran Olympic Committee: 2004-2008 Vice President of ATU: 2008-2014 Vice President of WTF Financial Committee: since 2009 Member of WTF Executive Board: 2005-2013 Council Member of Iran National Olympic Committee: 2014-2018 Vice President of WTF Education and Development Committee, Member of ATU Advisors Board: since 2014 Vice-President of ATU: since 2015
Iranian Taekwondo Athletes' Records:

"Hadi Saei"- Bronze Medalist, in Sydney Olympic 2000 (Taekwondo was adopted as an official Sport of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games for the first time)

"Sara Khoshjamal Fekri"- the first Olympic quota achievement of IRI Women's Athletes in Taekwondo

"Kimia Alizadeh" -Bronze Medalist, the first female medalist in taekwondo, World Championships- Russia 2018

"Parvaneh Mohammad Taghipour Tehrani"- the first Taekwondo female medalist in Asian Games, Busan Korea 2002

"Hossein Rabizadeh"- Bronze medalist, the first medalist of world championships, South Korea 1975

"Majid Aflaki"& "Hadi Saei"- the first gold medalists of World Taekwondo Championships, Canada 1999

"Mahdi Bibak", the First gold medalist of Taekwondo World Cup, Egypt 1997

Taekwondo World Cup Champion for the first time, South Korea 2011

Asian Games Champion in Taekwondo for the first time, China 2010

"Kimia Alizadeh"- The first female Olympic Medalist in Iran Sport history- Rio Olympic Games 2016

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Photo Report

Iran's Taekwondo male lineup in Training session for summer Universiade

Iran's Taekwondo female lineup in Training session for summer Universiade

The first round of Grand Prix 2019

Training of IRI Men's National Team to 1st World Taekwondo Grandprix

24th World Taekwondo Championships 2019

Training of IRI Women's National Team to World Taekwondo Championships/2

Training of IRI Women's National Team to World Taekwondo Championships

Training of IRI Women's National Team departs to World Taekwondo Championships

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