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A Brief History of I. R. of Iran Taekwondo Federation

Definition of Taekwondo:

Taekwondo is a martial art which utilizes the best and the most effective methods in its deterrence power, without having to succumb to using weapons. Spiritually, as well, Taekwondo delivers a high degree of respect, patience, and discipline to its enthusiasts, helping them cope with life difficulties relying on self confidence.

The word Taekwondo is made up of the three words of Tae, Kwon, and Do, which mean jumping and kicking, defending and breaking with hands, and style and methods, respectively. Taekwondo is an ancient sport, enjoying a long history particularly in south east of the Korean Peninsula.

Indeed, Taekwondo is the martial art of the people of Korea, which has enjoyed an exemplary development throughout the world, particularly in the past decades. Since the establishment of the World Taekwondo Federation in 1973, some 183 National Member Associations have joined the body. Following the experimental partake of the sport of Taekwondo in Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992 Olympics, Taekwondo was formally introduced as an official Olympics sport.

History of I. R. of Iran Taekwondo Federation

Following extensive efforts made by coaches and pioneers of the sport in Iran, the National Taekwondo Association of the Armed Forces was established in 1976. Among the highlights of the activities of the Association before the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, the following could be outlined:

- Participation of Iranian Taekwondo Parachuters in the 2nd World Taekwondo Championships in Oct. 1975, and the collection of the first ever bronze medal by Hossein Rabizadeh in the fourth weight category,
- Participation of the Association in the 1977 Melbourne Special Forces Championships,
- Participation of the first Iranian National Team in the 3rd Asian Taekwondo Championships in Hong Kong in 1978, and standing 3rd in the event,
- Participation of the Iranian National Team in the 4th Taekwondo Championships in Germany.

In fact, the genuine development of the sport happened right after the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, when it became an independent body. Mr. Mehraeein, Mr. Seyed Mostafa Safavi, Mr. Mohammad Qomi, Mr. Seyed Mostafa Safavi, Mr. Mokhtar Kalantari and incumbent Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar were the presidents of the federation,respectively.

In the past decade, the Iranian Taekwondo Federation has achieved an unprecedented success. Two gold medals, 1 silver and two other bronze medals were the fruits of Iran's participation in the 2000-2012 Olympics. In addition, earning the title of the World Champion in 2000 and 2010 and standing second in World Taekwondo Championships for seven rounds, becoming the World Cup Champion in 2011 and 5 rounds of 2nd place standings were among the highlights of the achievements of the federation. Moreover, 6 officials of the federation were invited to join the Asian Taekwondo Union, including the Vice Presidency post for Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar, as well as the Vice Presidency of the Economics Committee of the Asian Taekwondo Union. Mr. Pouladgar has also been elected as the President of the West Asian Taekwondo Union.

Presently, Taekwondo in Iran is one of the two strong poles of the sport in the world and the Iranian Taekwondo Federation has been chosen as the best Federation in the country for many times.

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