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Sajjad Mardani won the Gold Medal of Final Grand Prix

On the second day of 2016 Final Grand Prix, Sajjad Mardani succeeded in winning the Gold medal of +80 kg after overcoming the representative of Russia 4-3 in his final match.

On his way to the final round, Sajjad defeated the representative of Spain, 3-1, beat Tunisia, 6-2, and outperformed his Nigerian opponent 7-6.

Other 4 representatives of Iran in this event, Armin Hadipour, Behnam Asbaghi, Abolfazl Yaghoubi and Masoud Hajizavareh, could not achieve a medal.

Bijan Moghanlou, Alireza Nasr Azadani and Hadi Afshar accompanied Iran National team as the head coach, coach and trainer.

Source: IRI TKD Federation

Date:11:37   12/12/2016


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